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(TV) Bowie & Tom

Tony Visconti's anecdote about Tom's creative use of studio time reminds
me of something Richard Lloyd said. I told Richard that when I met Tom
he said I reminded him of an actress he liked named Ali McGraw. Richard
laughed and said that during a recording session Tom sent for a
television and spent two hours of expensive studio time watching an old
movie starring Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen. 

Maybe there's some truth to Tony's account of why Tom's guitar didn't
make it to Bowie's record (Tom's fiddling around with the amps
frustrated Bowie). But I always had the impression that Bowie rejected
Tom's guitar because Tom refused to sleep with him. I tried to get to
the bottom of this but every tiime I asked Tom if Bowie made sexual
advances, Tom said "No". 

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