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Re: [(TV) Re: Pearl Jam/Dolls/recent coms]

That Dolls videotape is not from a Mercer's gig -- it's from an episode of Don
Kirshner's Rock Concert, a syndicated 1970s TV show that featured live
performances.  In the US, the tape is available semi-officially (in fact I
think Arthur Kane might somehow be involved with its release).  The tape's
title is "Live In a Dolls House."  I've seen ads in a US record collecting
magazine called Discoveries that offer it for sale -- in the UK, it might be
worth checking Record Collector magazine.

I'm a big fan of both Dolls LPs, by the way.  I think one of Johansen's great
talents is finding unlikely yet appropriate cover songs.  In fact, these days
he's making quite a career of it.  (In his new band the Harry Smiths, he still
does "Don't Start Me Talkin'", as well as a version of "Looking for a Kiss"
that makes it sound like an old blues number he just happened to find

- Jeff

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