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(TV) Re: Pearl Jam/Dolls/recent coms

Snap!My experience mirrors Jeff's quite uncannily.I was in a store browsing
as usual one day and this rocking track came on and nearly blew my head
off.When it had finished I asked the guy behind the counter who the band was
and the answer came back "Pearl Jam"-immediately all my old prejudices swam
to the surface and i just stood there with my mouth open in disbelief...yet
as Jeff says the thing rocks...hey maybe i'll even pick this record up
second-hand sometime (if the cool police aren't around to apprehend me!).

For the record I LOVE Led Zeppelin too-(nothing to be ashamed of there
Jeff)-though i know Plant's vocalising is an acquired taste and at times
even gets on my wick but what fantastically dirty,groovy,heavy
guitar-bass-drums (but hey no wanky over-indulgent soloing please!).Early LZ
for me is as primal and exciting as the Stooges.

Finally I can't let the recent posts on the Dolls go without a fight-i still
think their debut is far better songwise than "Too much"-there's FOUR (count
'em) covers on that record for god's sake!If you listen to the 7 day weekend
boot surprisingly they already have all the material that would eventually
go on both their official records even at this stage.I checked that cassette
out again last night and well it's...an interesting document ... but hell
Arthur sounds really out of it-at times he can't even seem to follow the
root notes of a simple A-D-E chord sequence without going off on a Spinal
Tap Jazz Odyssey trip.Although it's pretty loose in places and even falls
apart now and then their great don't -give-a-shit attitude and future genius
still manages to shine through.

BTW if anyone on the list has a uk video copy (or dvd) of the awesome
Mercers live Dolls gig that Jeff was talking about I would really like to
own one and would be prepared to trade or even pay cash.Contact me offlist
if anyone can help me out here...cheers...Raymond.

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From: Jeff Strell <jeff.strell@usa.net>
> I haven't heard the new Pearl Jam, but I had a similar musical experience
> their previous (I think) studio LP "Yield."  Despite all my in-grained
> prejudices, I would up playing the heck out of it.  The thing rocks.  I
> applaud Michael for his dedication to R'n'R -- let's hope that it doesn't
> marginalized like modern jazz has.  If it takes a Pearl Jam or two to pull
> out, so be it.
> But then again, I love Led Zep, so what do I know?
> To keep my cred intact, I'm really not too big on the Eagles.
> - Jeff

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