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Re: (TV) Dolls...

I think you're right that the original songs on the debut are probably
better than those on Too Much, though I do like the covers -- especially
'Bad Detective' and 'Showdown'. But to my mind the production and
performance on the first album lets it down so much that it's not such a
good album. Great songs like 'Trash' and 'Frankenstein' are made to
sound lumpy and unexciting. The version of 'Looking For A Kiss' is blown
away by the old demo version with Billy Murcia that gets put out on
millions of semi-official singles. Whereas even the thinner material on
'Too Much' rocks. 
I dug out my copy of Seven Day Weekend too, and you're certainly about
the bass -- but I still think the recording kicks ass (provided you skip
two or three tracks!).

Raymond wrote:
> Finally I can't let the recent posts on the Dolls go without a fight-i still
> think their debut is far better songwise than "Too much"-there's FOUR (count
> 'em) covers on that record for god's sake!If you listen to the 7 day weekend
> boot surprisingly they already have all the material that would eventually
> go on both their official records even at this stage.I checked that cassette
> out again last night and well it's...an interesting document ... but hell
> Arthur sounds really out of it-at times he can't even seem to follow the
> root notes of a simple A-D-E chord sequence without going off on a Spinal
> Tap Jazz Odyssey trip.Although it's pretty loose in places and even falls
> apart now and then their great don't -give-a-shit attitude and future genius
> still manages to shine through.
> BTW if anyone on the list has a uk video copy (or dvd) of the awesome
> Mercers live Dolls gig that Jeff was talking about I would really like to
> own one and would be prepared to trade or even pay cash.Contact me offlist
> if anyone can help me out here...cheers...Raymond.
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