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Re: (TV) Well, how about that?

Keith Allison <keith@marquee.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> This month's Q Magazine list the 100 Greatest British Album Ever.
> 1. Revolver
> 2. OK Computer
> 3. Exile on Main Street
> 4. London Calling
> 5. A Hard Day's Night
> 6. Astral Weeks
> Any thoughts about this? Any arguments?
> Revolver, they say, "combines an astonishing mix of styles with a
> weirdly consistent sense of purpose". Can't argue with that).

I've been listening a lot to Revolver lately.  My son, who's almost
11, is into the Beatles now so I'm cutting some disks from my old
vinyl.  He just bought the Revolver album on his own, and I'm
astonished how well it holds up.

I have to admit I've never quite gotten the overall "theme" of SgtP.
It's supposed to be the first "concept album" but I've never felt that
there was much holding the songs together.

OK Computer - Radiohead, innit?  Sorry, *maybe* I'd put them somewhere
in the top 100, but nowhere near this high.  To replace it, how about
either Taking Tiger Mountain, Another Green World or Before and After
Science by Brian Eno?  Almost, but they're edged out by "Here Come the
Warm Jets" in my book.  Robt. Fripp's solo on "Baby's On Fire" is one
of the best solos ever.

Exile on Main Street - I always thought the Stones went downhill after
Brian Jones took that last swim, but there are still some goodies.  This
is probably the best overall, but again it would be a bit lower.

London Calling - yup.  

A Hard Day's Night -
If there has to be another Beatles album this high on the list, I'd
go for Rubber Soul.  That and Revolver are from the period where the
lads were rising above the pop idol level to that of true artists.
I'd rather open this up to another band - either King Crimson or XTC
should be holding this spot in my book: KC with either their first or
the Discipline album, XTC with English Settlement or Black Sea.

Astral Weeks - yes, yes and yes.  This is an album that hasn't lost a
bit of greatness over time.  Everyone should own this album, especially
if they think of Van Morrison as "that guy who wrote John Melonhead's
Wild Night!"

At least the immensely overrated Led Zeppelin didn't ooze their way this
high! (No sir, I don't like it!)

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