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Re: (TV) Well, how about that?

> them!), Ziggy Stardust, 

Am I the only person who finds Ziggy Stardust to be considerably 
overrated? I like the album, but Bowie did better work before 
(TMWSTW and Hunky Dory) and better work after. Is Ziggy any 
better than T. Rex's The Slider? Not in my book.

It's quite obvious that Bowie took a leaf out of Bolan's book. They 
were  both reinterpreting early rock'n'roll for a new generation. I just 
don't see Hang On To Yourself, Suffragette City or Moonage 
Daydream as being any better than Telegram Sam, Chariot 
Choogle or Buick Mackane. For me, The Slider remains a lost 
"classic" album. 

I will now duck for cover as Jeffery throws a few choice barbs in my 
general direction.

Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronological History by Cliff McLenehan
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