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Re: (TV) non-hits

At 7:27 PM +0100 5/23/00, Nick wrote:
which was the song that you most thought should have been a hit
single that wasn't. Thinking back I reckon maybe thi would still be my
choice. Anyone else got any suggestions? Think it should be kept to songs
that sound at least reasonably commercial....

Seam's "Little Chang, Big City" from _The Pace is Glacial_. I have to include this one, because when I first heard it, my response was that it ought to be a hit. (And it wasn't!)

Hear it now by going to http://www.southern.com/southern/band/SEAM0/19175_audio.html

(Mono mpeg might be the way to go; I seem to recall a problem with the stereo.)

Maurice Rickard
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