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Re: (TV) Neon Boys & Richard Lloyd

At 08:12 PM 6/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
>    That's him. Yeah he was alot of fun to play with. He had this trashy
>surf thing goin' on, where as mine is more melodic, not necessarily
>controlled, but definitely melodic, his was the complete opposite and they
>together meshed nicely. They balanced each other out. If you see him, say
>hello. I like him alot, he's a good guy. I can't say that I cared much for
>his band though. M T C

Will do, I see him a few times a month, as the Lakeside is right around the
corner from my restaurant. Off Topic, but one of the owners of the Lakeside
is on David Letterman tonight with Steve Earle.
It's Roscoe a/k/a Eric Ambel, from the Del Lords and many other bands.

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