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Re: (TV) Salon: "Courtney Love Does the Math"

At 10:27 AM -0700 6/15/00, g grant wrote:
Two questions:

1) Will the 2 majors own the rights to any schmuk who
posts their tune on mp3.com?

Even though I'm generally cynical about such things, the answer would seem to be "no." From their Q&A page (http://progress.mp3.com/?cp=progress_link2): "Yes, MP3.com has reached groundbreaking agreements with the Warner Music Group and BMG Entertainment to cover the recordings they own." The whole flap over the MyMP3.com thing seems to be mainly about mp3 copies of tunes in the majors' catalogs--the unsigned stuff, not in the catalogs, shouldn't be covered by any agreement. It'd sure suck if I was wrong on this, though.

2) In the Albini article, what does he mean by points?

Percentage points. Not sure if they're calculated net or gross; I'd guess gross on the label side and net on the artist side--there goes the cynicism again....

Maurice Rickard
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