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Re: (TV) Richard LLoyd

Hi Paul,'

>What a show last nite,the illustrious Richard Lloyd was just f*#kin great!!!
>He played the new songs plus neil young,led zep and jimmy hendrix (the wind 
>cries mary)which just blew me away.with the help of a few beers that 
>Renowned Handsome Dick keep them coming.GOD bless him.Richard's playing last 
>nite was perfect(to my ears)The Led zep song (good times ,bad times)lasted 
>for ever..I did notice that someone in the back was recording the show, 
>should have gottin his name so i could get a copy..
>Can't wait for this CD to come out..Great,great songs!!!
>                                  See you next week,
>                                    Paul Casler

Do you mind if we put this with the other two reviews on the "News"
section of Richard's site?


Keith Allison
"The Wonder - Tom Verlaine, Television & Stuff"
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