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Re: (TV) Recent stuff....

Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> We can always offer the right one as a download.  Also in the one I 
> got, my little fake italics hack resulted in a funky bolded "Surely" 
> in Jay's essay.  I may have fixed this one (and I definitely fixed 
> the sentence about Lloyd) in the  PDF Keith has.  Well, like I said 
> in the beginning, I've never known a print job to go perfectly....

The right one is on the website already; my files are dated about a week 
earlier and are of a different size - my bad.  I think I was given the newer 
versions but put the wrong ones in the final tree for the burn, and those
are, of course, what I use to print the covers.

I've got the new ones now.

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