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Re: (TV) Intro to TV

--How many times did you
--have to hear it before it kicked in?

I was about 14, in 1994, when Guitar World did an issue on Punk guitar, and Verlaine, along with Television was featured in a little sidebar. Instantly I was captivated by the photograph of the cover of Marquee Moon; I hadn't still heard the album. I was also under the assumption that Tom was influenced by Paul Verlaine and his french contemporaries (who filled a great load of the stuff I was reading at that age. It wasn't until at least six months later that I finally heard Marquee Moon, and it changed the way I look at the guitar forever.

At that point, noone, no band, had influenced or inspired the music I was trying to create with my guitar. Not Zep, not Pink Floyd, not the Doors, which was mainly what I was listening to at that point.

Listening to Tom and Richard playing together allowed me to realize that every guitar player is different. It also allowed me to go out and try to capture and innovate my own sound. Does anyone else on the list share my sentiments?

Also, while I'm writing, does anyone think Radiohead was influenced by Television? Like, I listen to Thom Yorke's voice, and think, um, Verlaine.

Anyways, that was my five cents.


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