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(TV) intro to tv

Mine happened during this odd weekend when local radio station Triple J(Sydney, Australia) played a bunch of seminal albums back to back. It might have been the DJ's faves or voted, I don't know. I know that weekend I went through a great bunch of blank tapes in disbelief that WHOLE albums were being played. I remember 'horses' and the first Modern Lovers, The Clash, Violent Femmes I think. Then Television. The DJ who played this was the one with the most 'on the money' tastes so I listened intently. He told the whole Television story, setting it up with a tale of the take of Marquee Moon being just a rehearsal, they didn't know they were being recorded. My curiousity was piqued, I pressed record and sat back and .... I loved it. Bought a copy on vinyl down at a market by Bondi Beach, got Adventure for a birthday present, discovered this list, got the funpack, found myself last year wandering around New York freezing my ass off asking for directions to Subterranean etc, finding a copy of the 12" of Little Johnny Jewel in a record store in Princeton, New Jersey. The ride hasn't stopped. For those in London wanting a cheap thrill, check out the Rough Trade store in Talbot rd for a Television/Blondie '78 tour poster which from the looks of it, has weather the 22 years on that wall nicely. Also, those of you wanting Television/Richard Hell shirts, I'd check out this website www.smashinggrandpa.com - I haven't ordered from them nor can I vouch for them (apparently their shirts will be sold in London soon) but they've got Marquee Moon/Blank Generation shirts and I've been wanting to get/make one of those for a long time now.


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