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Re: (TV) What CDs are you listenin' to at the office?

At 2:47 PM -0800 11/10/00, Philip P. Obbard wrote:
Wire - PINK FLAG (finally got this at Mike's store last weekend - great!)


Have you heard the others yet? My interest begins to taper off with _The Ideal Copy_, but everything pre-reunion is a must-have. It's amazing how much they changed from album to album. And Colin Newman's solo stuff is great, up to and including _Commercial Suicide_. (I couldn't really get into the MIDI stuff.)

There's actually a streaming RealVideo show from their 2000 tour of the States at http://www.supersphere.com/Club/Archive/ Not as revolutionary as I'd expected, but it was nice to see them playing older stuff on guitars. And Robert Gotobed is one of the great solid drummers in rock.

Maurice Rickard
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