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Re: (TV) Television Reforming?

I'd be glad if it was true, but this does seem a little odd. It's interesting that this comes out of the UK--every so often we get a post from a new list member in the UK asking if TV's reformed--think there's a rumor going around, or something?

But this doesn't explain all the hits I'm getting from France and the US Midwest looking for Tom+Verlaine+equipment...


At 11:56 PM +0000 11/28/00, Keith Allison wrote:

Don't think so, guys. I mean, there's no reason why I would know,
really, but nothing's been said by Richard.

Camber Sands? I don't know what the US equivalent is but it would have
to be some kind of very low-level tenth-rate small-town version of
Disneyland. Without the weather.

Maurice Rickard
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