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(TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

Hey ! How old were you when you first dug rock and roll ? Or your earliest
rock or music related memory ? For me it was like this. I was the youngest
of four. I had three older sisters who went GAGA when the Beatles hit the
states in early '64.  I was three years old and my oldest sis was thirteen.
I don't exactly know if this is an actual memory or not, but I very foggily
recall our family watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show on our very
high tech and expensive black and white tv. I know we had to have been
watching it - we were such a "t.v." family even way back then. My older
sisters all had glossy fan photos of all of the Beatles plastered all over
their bedroom walls - and ceiling too. So early on , in my very young mind,
I saw that these "singers" like the Beatles and that Elvis guy were cool.
When I was eight , my next eldest sister Pam bought a classical style guitar
from this neighbor kid down the street who literally had a band practicing
in his garage after school. Guess who got the lessons though ;-) . Thanks
Pam !  -Russ
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