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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

--- Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> Oh, man.  I'm coming to Serge via Christian Marclay, believe it or 
> not.  Where should one begin with him?  Apparently there's this huge 
> reissue project going on...

I got into Serge by (1) reading about him in Mojo, and then several months
later (2) randomly stumbling on Mick Harvey records while looking for PJ Harvey
records. Harvey has two LPs of English-language Gainsbourg covers, and they are
both excellent. I followed-up by buying the "pop" compilation COMIC STRIP, as
well as the matching Jazz and Latin compilations. For starters, I think almost
everything on COMIC STRIP is essential, as is the MELODY NELSON LP. The latter
is magnificent, even if you (like me) barely speak a word of French. (It helps
that Harvey did two songs from MELODY NELSON).

> I'm in the same camp.  I had some serious problems with it, and I 
> still can't listen to slick Nashville stuff, but there's some fine 
> things in the country-tinged and alt-country area.

Yeah, other than the last few Johnny Cash records, FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS, and
some semi-country Sun stuff, I haven't made any inroads in c/w... but lately I
find myself tempted to buy a Glen Campbell compilation. Hey, if it's good
enough for Tom...


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