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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

At 12:39 AM +0000 8/2/01, Eric Veillette wrote:
So I grew up listening to a lot of ... Serge Gainsbourg,etc.

Oh, man. I'm coming to Serge via Christian Marclay, believe it or not. Where should one begin with him? Apparently there's this huge reissue project going on...

Of course i hated c/w as a kid but I've learned to appreciate it some more while growing up.

I'm in the same camp. I had some serious problems with it, and I still can't listen to slick Nashville stuff, but there's some fine things in the country-tinged and alt-country area.

Or maybe I'm attracted to the Telecaster as a way of making up for losing high frequencies over the years.


Maurice Rickard
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