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Re: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

Elton John Goodbye yellow brick road (I thought at 13 it was poetry at its 
Beatles Abbey Road
Earth Wind and Fire, Ohio Players (with rollercoaster) I loved funk music 
around 1973 . They used to have shows that had at least 3 or 4 bands play 
what a deal. And an admit I had a deep affection for Rod the Mod.
Then I found Elvis Costello Patti Smith Sex Pistols Clash around 1979 my life 
Television in red vinyl I still remember finding that in a "dime store" for 
under $5 and finding the colored vinyl. I just knew from the cover that it 
was going to be great. \
Anyone remember the late night shows that had music videos and lip sync bands 
on. I think it was from England in the late 70's. I cannot remember the name 
of the show or shows besides Don Kirshners and that was American.
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