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RE: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

As a wee tot in the 70s, I collected the musical detritus of three older
sisters, an older brother, my parents and various relatives. After certain
50s and 60s stuff became outdated (to them) it would go into a pile in a
storage room where I spent most of my early childhood. This outstanding
collection on LPs singles 8-tracks and 78s were mine mine mine. I wasn't
into toys. My sisters didn't groove on the punk/new wave in the seventies.
They told me this Patti Smith et al put safety pins in their ears (ouch) and
Sid Vicious stabbed blah blah blah. So I was force fed the holy trinity of
Bruce, Billy Joel and James Taylor.

There's too many to name but here are some major stuff off the top of my

Hound Dog -Elvis Presely (the drum fill after 'you ain't no friend of mine'
probably constituted an 'awakening' of sorts)
Come On Let's Go - Richie Valens;
Almost There - The Turtles;
Bob Dylan's Greatest hits (8-track)
Time is on my side 7"(b/w congratulations), Paint It Black (b/w/ Stupid
Girl - a fave)- Rolling Stones;
Beatles 65 (sounded a little shrill to my ears, till one day I Feel Fine
really hit me); Revolver;
Trini Lopez - Live At PJs (same last name as me - and pretty good too);
West Side Story
A Scepter Records comp LP w/ Louie Louie and Money by the Kingsmen and Will
You Love Me Tomorrow? by the Shirelles;
Cat Stevens Greatest hits (8-track);
Beach Boys - Endless Summer (8-track);
The Wanderer and Runaround Sue- Dion
Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo; Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul For Rock N
Roll (donated from a cousin when I was eight)
Carly Simon (first concert - I fell asleep - I was eight);

Jeez I could go on and on

First album I bought: Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principal
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