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RE: (TV) Blow-Up Authorship


My memory of this question about authorship:   Television/Verlaine considered their version of the the Erickson song, "Fire Engine" to have been so different (Verlaine
 changed many if not most of the original lyrics and maybe even the melody/guitar itself somewhat ---although having never heard the 13th Floor Elevators' version I don't know
 about melody being altered)  that they did not give a credit to Erickson.


PS:  I am not implying that this was/is correct or even honorable.
Who has heard the original and can you tell us about the diffrence in lyrics or/and melody? 

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My copy is the ROIR CD release from '99 (black and green cover).  It clearly
credits Verlaine with everything but "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and

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>While reading the liner notes to The Blow-Up, it gives songwriting credits
>to Dylan for Knockin' On Heaven's Door and to Jagger/Richards for
>Satisfaction, but credits Fire Engin as being written by Verlaine.  

My ROIR cassette copy and Danceteria CD both have it correct.

Keith Allison
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