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(TV) MM release date

Leo wrote:

"On February 8, 1977 Electra/Asylum records released 'Marquee Moon', Television's debut album produced by Stones veteran Andy Johns and TV vocalist/guitarist Tom Verlaine." The long-awaited album contains ..............etc., etc."

My Internet research has been unsuccessful on this point: Were MM, Talking Heads 77, Blank Generation, the first(?) Dead Boys album, and one of the Ramones records (the first? the second?) all released on the same day? I'm pretty sure about the last four, because I think they were all on Sire, and I recall going into my local record store in New Haven and seeing all of them on display together. It was striking, because they looked so different from most other albums on the racks: that "punk" use of heavily saturated colors - the somewhat unpleasant mustardy yellow of Blank Generation, the more innocent, Christmas-y green and red of TH77, the (if memory serves) black, greens, and blues of the Dead Boys record - which also surfaced, of course, on "Never Mind the Bollocks; Here's the Sex Pistols." MM was black, with the contrast in the band photo stressed by (again) moving the colors in a more saturated direction. The Ramones record didn't have such colors, but _was_, I think, black, with one of John Holmstrom's cartoons on it.

Looking at these records really made you feel that something new was happening. On the strength of Rolling Stone reviews - and I also had heard "Venus" on New York radio the previous summer - my friends and I bought MM and TH77 soon after they came out. We immediately took to MM, and I still recall thinking that I liked "No Compassion" on TH77 best because the guitars were most Television-like.

- Jesse
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