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(TV) TV Arrested Driving References / Blondie / Interviews for Keith's Site

> Speaking of articles,
> Leo, I have some articles that you submitted to the list
>  a while ago.  I  have them saved in Outlook. Would you
>  mind if I forwarded them on to Keith to post on the 
> Wonder?  One is particularly good. It's from 1979 and
> Tom is interviewed by a guy named Traykin. At one
> point Tom accuses him of stealing his beer.
> Cameron.

That's fine with me , but please send me an e-mail 
listing of which articles you send Keith so that I don't
send him the same ones. Just the last names of the
authors and original date of publication should be 
sufficient for me to identify them.  This would save me
some work (and leave me some needed free time which
I could spend toiling in the MM List Archives searching
for any matches between the name "Jesse Hochstadt" 
and the group "Blondie"). 

More importantly, does anyone know what type of beer 
our old Tom was drinking way back then? (This could very
well hold great significance!)  

>Good Lord. The rapture MUST be at hand!
>- --Philip
> <Jesse_Hochstadt@brown.edu> wrote: 
>- --- No, I didn't hear any Blondie on the show....   8^)=
>- --- Jesse Hochstadt 

Are you a big Blondie fan (no shame in that---I really liked their
"Striking Parallels Between the Arcs" album a lot, oops, I 
meant "Parallel Lines". Or was your tongue planted firmly in 
cheek when you wrote the above?  

Oops again, in fact, yikes, I think I get the gist of your e-mail now!
I thought I'd better do some checking before I posted this e-mail 
and I just got off the AMG Music Guide website, which informed
me that Blondie had a  " ..second hit single with the rap-oriented
'Rapture,' which topped the U.S. pop charts ..." (Jesse, you rascal).

TV in a 1982 interview claimed that the instant he heard 
"Heart of Glass" he knew it would be a hit-single. 
Does anyone on List ever wonder if TV's powers of prediction
are still operative today?  More importantly, did TV-----before
he became aware and justifiably cynical about the music
business----ever think Television's or his own records had 
a real chance of being hits in U.S.? (I realize a few were 
top 30 in UK in late 70s, but in the cruel calculus used in 
the record business that doesn't add up to much money-wise
-----no slight intended to U.K. fans.)  

 >  I remember an article from 1987, that began with a story about
>  Verlaine being pulled over in a 1965 Plymouth ragtop, driving through
>  Alabama(?) without a driver license.  He went to court and the judge
> asked him what he did for a living, and Verlaine said: "I'm a song-writer."
>  The judge replied, "You should write a song about this." 
> Cry Mercy, Judge
> Does anyone else remember that one?  I thought it was on Tom Wisner's
>  old site, but it's not on Keith's, or is it?

It was actually S. Carolina, but who's keeping track? (not me)  I'm pretty sure
that interview is on Keith's site (from Option Magazine, Oct. 1987). The speeding 
and Judge story also exists in the format of question (the very last question of the 
TV Quiz, Part 9:  For Madmen Only) 
at: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/7784/quiz09.html

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