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(TV) Tuesday show

Thank you Philip for the detailed review--I enjoyed the show and was
impressed how well they played after reading the comments from LA. Sure, I
was disappointed that they didn't play certain MM tracks like Elevation or
Friction, but it seems that those aren't in the repertoire. One
comment/question--during the encore of See No Evil, what was going on
during the first guitar solo--it seemed like the band lost time, but was
Tom V. trying to stop the song or was he just trying to resynch the
band? Thank god they didn't stop b/c a little roughness made it that much
more real. The other comment I have is that during the final choruses of
the song where Fred and Richard do the "I seeee no...eeeviiiiil" chant, I
was surprised that Tom didn't do his singing (I don't know what he says)
during this part, he just faded to the back of the stage and played

All in all, a great trip, totally worth making the trip from North
Carolina (alhough I feel horrible at work this morning). Speaking of
which, there is a local cover band here in Chapel Hill  called "Marquee
Moon." They are actually pretty darn good, tho the solos aren't quite up
to par.

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