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Re: (TV) Tuesday show

--- Michael Lee Lim <mllim@itsa.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> Sure, I
> was disappointed that they didn't play certain MM tracks like Elevation or
> Friction, but it seems that those aren't in the repertoire.

It's still more amazing they added ANY songs that weren't in the 1992/3
repertoire, let alone three! As I understand it, the song selection process is
"political", and my observation is that they tend to play lots of stuff from
MARQUEE MOON and TELEVISION because those were more collective, "band" efforts,
whereas ADVENTURE was almost a solo album for Tom, with Richard Lloyd out of
action for most of it (despite the blistering solos he ultimately contributed).

> One
> comment/question--during the encore of See No Evil, what was going on
> during the first guitar solo--it seemed like the band lost time, but was
> Tom V. trying to stop the song or was he just trying to resynch the
> band? 

I think the latter. It looks like he lost the rhythm just as Richard was going
into the solo.

Actually, I was struck many times during the show at how tight everyone in the
band EXCEPT Tom was. "See No Evil" was a great example. Still, in a number of
songs, I was continually impressed by the band's ability to radically
shift-gears mid-song, at the shortest signal from Tom.

In the two Television shows and one Verlaine solo show I've seen in this past
year, I've noticed that Verlaine's eye-communication with Ficca is probably the
most crucial ingredient in the band. Lloyd and Smith seem to keep up no matter
what, but Verlaine really relies Ficca to keep everything together.

> The other comment I have is that during the final choruses of
> the song where Fred and Richard do the "I seeee no...eeeviiiiil" chant, I
> was surprised that Tom didn't do his singing (I don't know what he says)

I'm running wild with the one I love
(I see no evil)
I'm running wild with the one-eyed ones
(I see no evil)
I'm running wild with the one I love
(I see no evil)
Pull down the future with the one you love
(I see no evil)
Pull down the future with the one you love
(I see no evil)


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