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(TV) ICE Magazine CD Watchdog - Phil Obbard makes the news...

I just received the February issue of ICE Magazine, and Mr. Obbard has
made the news in the CD Watchdog Column: WRONG TELEVISION SIGNALPhil
Obbard of Brooklyn, NY e-mails in, "I just picked up Collectors' Choice
CD reissues of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd's respective solo debut
efforts (both were members of Television).  Lloyd's Alchemy sounds
fantastic, and it's great to finally see it on CD. "Verlaine's
self-titled debut, however, uses a dramatically different mix than that
which appeared on the original LP and the mid-90's import CD.  It's most
noticeable during 'Souvenir From A Dream', 'Kingdom Come', 'Flash
Lightning' and' Grip Of Love' (which uses a different vocal track, too). "In
fact, the mix sounds an awful lot like an early/rejected version of the
album that circulates among fans on CD-R as 'The Lost Mix', with the
exception of 'Flash Lightning', which sounds like a different mix
entirely.  The liner notes (by Verlaine himself) do not make any
reference to the mix change.  What happened?  Was this intentional or
accidental?" To find out, we contacted Collector's Choice VP/General
Manager Gordon Anderson, who tells ICE that it was indeed a mistake - and
a bit of a mystery.  "It's definitely not the mix that was heard on the
LP," Anderson says.  "It appears that there were two different masters in
Elektra's vaults.  There were two dates on the masters; we were given the
earlier-dated one, which turned out to be incorrect and is apparently
unreleased. "So, we've re-done it, and we will accept returns if people
want to exchange it - although maybe they'll want to keep it as an
alternate-mix collector's item."  Consumers can either call Collectors'
Choice Customer Service line at (800) 494-2211, or mail their first
pressing back to Anderson c/o Collectors' Choice, 5225 Wilshire Blvd.,
Suite 721, Los Angeles, CA 90036.  The errant version was sold through
Collectors' Choice mail-order catalog only; the version that just
surfaced at retail (on January 21) uses the correct master.    Steve
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