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Re: (TV) (long OT) Re: bootleg

Mark wrote:

As far as bootlegging of Televisions shows goes, I am not
inclined to become too annoyed.  Anyone who is inclined to
become very righteous about it should consider it from an
economic point of view.

First, one needs to distinguish between making and selling
illegal copies of commercial albums, which is violation of
copyright, pure and simple,  and bootlegging live shows--
especially shows of bands that never release live albums.

and to distinguish between bootlegging and trading live shows for no money. Every time I read a discussion on the ethics of bootlegging, I wonder how much real (i.e., for profit) bootlegging is still going on, now that good recording equipment has become small and relatively cheap, as has reproduction technology, and now that the Internet has facilitated trading among like-minded fans. Certainly there are artists who object to taping and trading of their shows (sometimes, I think, because they're under the misimpression that it's being done by bootleggers), and certainly there are people who try to exploit suckers on eBay by selling unauthorized recordings that people could easily get free if they knew how. But there are people on eBay trying to exploit suckers by selling all kinds of stuff people could get cheaper (free being at the far end of cheaper); that's not a problem specific to recordings.

- Jesse
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