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RE: (TV) List

> Any particular Television memories or
> brief tales that you could share?
One of my fondest memories was seeing Talking Heads and Television for the
first time at CBGB's in the fall of '75. I was completely blown away by
Talking Heads (they were still a three piece). My friend Mark, who brought
me there, said that the next band is much better which I was finding hard
to believe. But he was right, I became an instant Television fan.

Not sure if it was the same run of shows or the next time they played
CBGBs that they announced that they had a record out. After the show
Verlaine stood by the door and gave everyone a free copy of Little Johnny
Jewel as we were leaving. He ran out and one of my friends didn't get one.
It wasn't very crowded so my guess is it was only a box or two of records
that he distributed (25 or 50). I saw Lloyd standing in the doorway of the
hotel next door to CB's talking to a girl and I asked him to autograph my
single.  He asked why and I said someday it might be worth something. He
laughed. [I bet it's worth something now but I'm not selling.]

Back then I was more of a fan of Richard's playing than Tom's (not that I
disliked Tom's by any means.) After Television split up Dennis and I both
saw Lloyd's first band quite often.
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