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Re: (TV) Tomas Transtrvmer (was: Raven sucks)

I surely didn't claimed that The Swedish alphabet only contains the letters "e, d, v" ... there's some distortion going on here. (The other three letters are an "o" with two dots over it - the one with a slash through it is a Danish letter - an "a" with a little ring over it, and another "a" with two dots; these three letters could be pronounced as "oe", "ae" and "eau", respectively, in English. Does this makes sense?)

As for Transtroemer, I don't know how much of his works that has been translated to English; I think that there's quite a few of his compilations that should have been published in English, as he's probably Sweden's only internationally acclaimed, now living poet. It's a surprise that Verlaine's idolizing of him isn't known in these circles - it could be that TV has brought up this subject only when speaking to journalists from my country. Because in almost every Swedish-made interview I've read, and there's been a few over the years, he has talked about Transtroemer as a major influence.

Leif J

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Subject: Re: (TV) Tomas Transtrvmer (was: Raven sucks)
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At 10:51 AM +0000 2/14/03, leif joley wrote:
Verlaine repeatedly over the years has claimed a poet from my county to be one of his main influences in lyric-writing - Tomas Transtrvmer. Has anyone read him?

This is totally new to me. Now you have me intrigued! Any recommendations about where to start with him?

The Swedish alphabet has three more letters than the English one (e, d, v), which doubtlessly make our language much more richer than yours.

I was always fond of the o with the slash through it--even better than umlauts, although I have no idea how to pronounce it.
Maurice Rickard
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