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Re: (TV) Tomas Transtrvmer (was: Raven sucks)

"leif joley" <leifjoley@hotmail.com> wrote:
> As for Transtroemer, I don't know how much of his works that has been 
> translated to English; [snip]

35 listed on Amazon.com, under "Tomas Transtromer" (note spelling).

(The existence of English translations makes it easier to believe
that a guy from Delaware named Miller might be influenced by him.)

> It's a surprise that Verlaine's 
> idolizing of him isn't known in these circles - it could be that TV has 
> brought up this subject only when speaking to journalists from my country. 
> Because in almost every Swedish-made interview I've read, and there's been a 
> few over the years, he has talked about Transtroemer as a major influence.

Do you happen to have any of these interviews?  Would you care to
translate a few passages?

This is very interesting--thanks.

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