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Re: (TV) Tomas Transtrvmer (was: Raven sucks)

maybe then the spartan living conditions would also account for the fact
that Per is such a natural, clear-voiced singer (in a language that is not
his mother tongue) and sure-fingered guitarist whose cover of the Richard
lloyd song on the recent TV tribute is an absolute joy to behold - well done
again that man

and btw it's _gaelic_ Leif not Gaelish!

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From: leif joley

> Per, by the way, lives on one of Sweden's islands, mostly known for being
> almost non-populated by humans and well-populated by sheep. The people
> there also talk with an extremely strange dialect - like Gaelish to
> Englishmen. If I had to live under such circumstances, I WOULD consider to
> kill myself!
> Leif J
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