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Re: (TV) francophone/telephone connection

drring drring.

further to Eric's suggestions for some gallic listening pleasure i would
offer up the wonderful Jacques Dutronc - perfect for lovers of superior 60's
garage band
beatnik dudes with cool funny lyrics to boot-one of his tunes is called
"j'etais le
fils du Pere Noel"

Dutronc is excellent! I'd completely forgotten about him - thanks for reminding me, Ray. "Fais Pas Ci, Fais pas ca!" Can you recommend somewhere to start?

In an effort not to drag this conversation too off-topic, I invite anyone interested in this fine music to discuss this with me offlist ! Again, many people, including myself, have said this in the past - this is one of the reasons why I love this list - it has its ups and downs, but it has exposed me to such great and exciting new tunes.

It's nice to see come cultural barriers come down.


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