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RE: (TV) Tomas Transtrvmer

I have a couple of Transtromer's books of poetry. My favorite is Truth
Barriers, 1980, translated by Robert Bly. There's also a Selected Poems that
covers seven volumes of his work.

It's not a great comparison, but I'd say he's a bit Gary Snyder, a bit
Galway Kinnell, and a bit Theodore Roetke. Good stuff.

Like Tom says, his work has held up well over the years.


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>  From "Quote/Unquote", in a conversation with Dutch poet-journalist
> Hendrik Gelder (1986):
> Gelder: "But you're widely read in poetry"
> Verlaine: Not so much really... especially recently... sure there were
> times like in the early 70s when one made discoveries... Lorca, the
> Frenchies, there's a Swede... Tomas Transtromer... who I still like..."
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