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Re: (TV) Got my review copies from Rhino

> Not the finished packages: bare bones CDs with xeroxed liner notes 

Got my review copies tofay as well - the same format. I've only listened 
to them once, but I have the following observations.

> these ears, to the original release. To the bonus cuts, then -- LJJ is
> indeed 40 seconds longer than the Ork 12" but they start and end in
> roughly the same place and I'm not yet sure where the extra meat comes

This is because it fades out like on the original 7" and then fades back 
in. I found this very disappointing. Even if they didn't have the full 
length master, it could have been edited together.

> versions of See No Evil, Friction, and MM, other than that they are of
> a piece with the album versions. 

Marquee Moon sounds to me like the same basic take, but with 
different guitar solos.

> "Untitled Instrumental" is O Mi Amore, from the "Adventure" sessions,

It's a bit disappointing too. It's basically a rehearsal run through which 
peters out when whoever plays the lead line (I've never known if it was  
Tom or Richard) screws up.

>   Sounds like a surf instrumental here.

I totally agree with that.

>  The single version of Ain't
> That Nothin is a known quantity

I found this absolutely hideous to be honest. It was tinny and shrill and 
didn't sound like it had been mastered from a tape. I'll go back to my 
boot copy. I hope this is a mastering fault which will be corrected for 
the final version.

I'll be reviewing them for Record Collector. If you want my honest 
opinion, the "bonus tracks" don't really add anything to the original 
releases. For my money the alternate take of See No Evil is the pick of 
the bunch.


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