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Re: (TV) Got my review copies from Rhino

--- Cliff McLenehan <klif@volny.cz> wrote:
[re: "Little Johnny Jewel"]
> This is because it fades out like on the original 7" and then fades back 
> in. I found this very disappointing. Even if they didn't have the full 
> length master, it could have been edited together.

Whattt??? That's insane. From what I know, the full-length master exists and
was sold back to Tom Verlaine a few years ago (mid-1990s). There's NO reason
for this to fade out and then back in. Oh man. What a blunder.

[re: "Ain't That Nothin'" single mix]
> I found this absolutely hideous to be honest. It was tinny and shrill and 
> didn't sound like it had been mastered from a tape. I'll go back to my 
> boot copy. I hope this is a mastering fault which will be corrected for 
> the final version.

The original 7" sounds odd to begin with - very distorted.


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