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(TV) Fwd: reissues clarification

Taking the liberty of forwarding this to the list... Kind of moots the whole concept of "review copies," doesn't it?


Begin forwarded message:

From: Monsanto@aol.com
Date: Mon Sep 22, 2003  3:31:33 AM US/Eastern
To: tyburr@mindspring.com
Subject: Television reissues


I'm one of the producers who assembled the two Television reissues and the Live At The Old Waldorf album on behalf of Rhino. I saw your remarks to the Marquee Moon list on Thursday and thought I'd try to get in touch and clarify an
important point about the sound quality.

The advance CD's that Rhino sent out were put together _before_ we had
actually gone into the studio to remaster the albums. Your observation that what you received sounds identical to the previous Elektra CD's is absolutely correct--because those versions were the only ones available at the time the advance CD-R's were assembled. The remastered versions that hit stores on Tuesday
represent a fairly drastic sonic upgrade (in my opinion, anyway).

[Also:  the version of Little Johnny Jewel on your CD-R was dubbed from
vinyl. The version on the new Marquee Moon CD was taken from an original tape and presents the song complete--without that annoying fade-out in the middle].


Best regards,

Andy Zax
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