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RE: (TV) Television show tonight in NYC- Fred's Bass

Dennis D:
"I wasn't at the show, but I know he is in love with his Kay bass, and I'd
bet that was what he used."

  I was there, and you are correct, Dennis. My guitar player bandmate/friend
and I stood on the Fred side this time - we were on the Richard side last
time. He said "Smith is amazing. He's a rock" You know, rock solid. "He
doesn't make a mistake!" Fred looked very relaxed. I bet he was the only one
who practiced.

Anyway, it's a Kay, Les Paul, black with white binding...single pickup,
looks to have a nice thin/slim neck. I'd like to try one myself. I've seen
one before, and I have a guitar body, from around 1960 or 61. It's hollow.

I fall into the 'less obsessive' category, Keith. I kinda found it funny how
Tom chose to communicate with the rest of the band - when it's time to
change up or finish he just whacks out a noise, and looks up. One reason I
love TV so much is because Tom is a bit eccentric - I think genius comes
with some sort of eccentric behavior.
Richard shredded Mr. Lee, which is why we drove up from VA. I was a little
disappointed about the short set, but that's how it is for the opener.
 Ficca is really great, even better in person than record. I had not seen
him play the side of the floor tom before - cool.

 - H.
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