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Re: (TV) Television/Patti Smith

Keith wrote:
Interesting that people who are less obsessive than most of us seem to think it was a fabulous show, whereas jaded old Marquee Mooners were almost bored.

It makes me think -- "You are confusing you... this lie is guaranteed... You are amusing me. Cry mercy, judge. I think the verdict's coming in. I guess you'd call it some sweet sin. It's not the sound of things. It's not the gift you bring. It's not the choice of words."

Actually, the chorus of "Cry Mercy Judge" is the only thing I dislike about Flash Light, one of the truly great rock albums. The lyrics there seem careless. (But you never know when they'll come in handy.)

As for the interminable tuning, you have to go back to Tom's own words (from his greatest Song): "I don't draw well but I know how to wait, as if when you wait it is not hours but some forgotten sense of time."

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