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Re: Still Confused / RE: (TV) Where Did the Vanity Fair Boot Come Fro m?.

Hi Leo,

> But now I'm really confused by what you said about the "Vanity Fair"
> bootleg (aka "the b-sides" aka "the Bascombe Sessions" "the 1986
> London Sessions" aka "the Lost Album" ).  Do you mean you are the
> person for the "No Deposit, No Return" boot (which is quite different
> from the "Vanity Fair ' boot)? See below.  

Erm. Absolutely not. Why would I in the Czech Republic release a 
crappy sounding bootleg in NY?!! I'd do it in Germany first (release a 
bootleg, but not a crappy sounding one...). I've never seen a copy of 
NDNR. It appears to be taken from the Fontana Flashlight promo and 
various other official Virgin/Fontana releases. Hey, maybe Heylin's 
responsible :-). He had my Virgin 12" singles and never gave them 

What I meant was that any circulating copy of The Bascombe 86 
London sessions derives from my cassette copy of the sessions which I 
got in 1987/8. This was taken either from the studio reels or more likely 
a copy of Mark Wallis's reference cassette.


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