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Now I'm Getting Confused / RE: (TV) Where Did the Vanity Fair Boot Come Fro m?.

> Yes... but the VANITY FAIR CD-R (which you can see here:
> http://www.marquee.demon.co.uk/vanity.htm) is *solely* derived from
> 'official' sources (12" singles, 7" singles, THE MILLER'S TALE, and
> CD singles). It is not from the tape you mention.

Which leads to the next question:  Cliff, do the tracks on your copy differ in any way from the released versions of those tunes which did eventually trickle out and thus end up on the Vanity Fair disc?  I would be particularly curious if any of the tracks feature prominent maracas!

Considering that those b-sides were on singles as late as The Wonder era, they could've been remixed at some point, although I must say that given the indifference shown to Tom as an artist by the label at that point, I rather doubt it... more likely they were just throwing whatever they could find on there as b-sides.

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