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(TV) Election Day pattern/OT But Funny/Verlaine's Political Agenda


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>damn this is my fault!
Maybe [s]he was one of those undecided voters and your crass remarks pushed her
over into the Bush column.   :>)

By the way, in your original e-mail I'm assuming you meant "respectively" as  
>... through the 20th Century that if AL or NL won the World Series, then 
>Democrats or the Assholes, [respectively] would take the White House.
(i.e., AL=>Dem; NL=>Repub.)?

I'm saddened we won't have the metaphor of the Boston Red Sox against the Astros 
home/headquarters for years of the House of Bush (although George Sr. was actually born 
in Milton, MA, home of yours truly.  Our president once an owner of the Texas Rangers 
desperately wants to be the commissionaire of baseball when he leaves office (I'm 
not making this).  

A couple of years ago friends urged me to try Internet dating.  After a second movie-date with 
one woman, I sent her an e-mail with some info on city planning, one of her interests.  I added 
a line about George's policy on Global Warming threatening to make any city planning moot.  About a 
nanosecond after I hit the send-button, I got an e-mail from her that read "I love Bush."

A week later I met another 'internet' woman for coffee and she turned out to be a huge Bush supporter. 
I then made a potential mate's political persuasion my numero uno question (notwithwithstanding Carvel 
and Maitlin[?], and put into my Internet profile that I was a Yellow-dog Democrat..

What does this have to do with Television you ask?  Nothing, except I've actually always liked the 
fact that Verlaine/Television songs do not have any overt political content ala Bruce Cockburn or 
Springsteen (I prefer lyrics like his "Kingdom Come", or songs where his lyrics are [deliberately?] 
vague or impressionistic, allowing the listeners themselves to fill-in the blanks.  

(Maybe Tom's even a Conservative---doubt it----best guess is he's never voted in his life, except one 
time in a City election to keep his condo from being bulldozed.)  


The Bastard's Tale.
A classic piece of literature,
If I ever heard one.

Part 1:
A wicked, bitter pretence,
Stumbling round,
No doubt,
Remember now the year's
1412, or something.
As I searched amongst them
For a valuable gold piece.
Not really,
No, not really.

The Bastard's Tale,
Part 2:
Now remember,
The year is 1714,
And we're enjoying our new inventions,
Whatever those were.
Such is The Bastard's life,
Without apology,
A cursed, pathetic boredom
Altered by death alone.
Death, a giant test,
July 30th 1914.
You should have seen us then,
Coupled as we were,
A feverish embrace.
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