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Re: (TV) Pete Cosey

At 7:12 AM -0800 3/8/06, Micah wrote:
  Also, I found that iTunes has "Ask the Ages" by Sonny Sharrock for 5.99.

Yeah, that's my backup--I've been looking for the actual disc at a reasonable price, but I think I'm just going to go with iTunes on that.

  Anyone else into Cosey?

I've not heard _Agharta_, but I have been listening to _Pangaea_ a fair bit, and he really burns on that. How would you compare the two? I know some years ago _Agharta_ was the available one, and _Pangaea_ was hard to get (and supposedly the one to hear), but now reviews I'm seeing say the reverse. In any case, I can see why you'd get on a Cosey kick. Quite the monster.

_On The Corner_ has been getting a fair amount of play around here, as has the _Cellar Door_ box. I think I just outed myself as listening to fusion. But I don't care! The Miles stuff is all good.

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