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Re: (TV) woohoo!

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:23:25 -0800
"Rex Broome" <rexbroome@gmail.com> wrote:

> So are we opposed to second-hand sales of records only before their street
> dates?  Is it more reprehensible to do it online than in a brick & mortar
> store?  (I ask the latter question because the online sale DOES seem
> sleazier, but I can't quantify why... maybe because there seems to be more
> effort involved in creating an online auction than throwing a CD into a "for
> sale" bin...)

God knows I've bought enough music in used bins, but I don't like seeing 
promo records/CDs in there for 2 reasons:

First is that the artist usually *pays* for the promo disks (google 
Steve Albini's piece on how a band can lose money on a hit record), so
rather than my purchase helping out an artist, buying the promo adds
insult to injury.

The second is that after spending years involved in college radio, I
found out that many promo copies are ripped off from radio stations.
Back in the days before online sales, it really paid for the station to
maintain a good relationship with the used record shops.

The best story I heard was from the owner of Tom's Tracks, a record store
in Providence that was owned by someone who was also a DJ a WBRU.  There'd
been a theft of 50 or so records from the station, and a couple of days later
a couple of guys try to sell the records to Tom.  He made out that one of the
records was something he knew a collector would want, and if he could make
a call first, he might be able to get them a lot of money.

The call, of course, was to the police, who came and busted the thugs.

Unlike Garth Brooks, I have no problem with used records or CDs, any more
than I have a problem with used bookstores.  As long as the book or disc
was bought, it's the owner's right under the doctrine of first sale to do
whatever they want with the thing.

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