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Re: (TV) Tom Verlaine Readies Two New Spring Releases

In message <68a8ea5e0603151116y7714d356vabadee5e9e1e1e8@mail.gmail.com>, Rex Broome <rexbroome@gmail.com> writes
Hmm, two things are either new or misinterpretations of existing press:
-Tom plays sax on "Around"?

Don't think so
All music on "Around" by Tom, Billy and Patrick Derivaz.

-Nobody but Tom and Fred play on "Songs"?

All guitars by Tom (except rhythm on one track by J Rip)
Most of the bass by Patrick Derivaz, Fred on one track, Tony Shanahan on one, some by Tom Most of the drums by Louie Appel (http://www.louieappel.com/), 3 tracks by Graham Hawthorne, 2 by Jay Dee D

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