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RE: (TV) dudes, i'm very impulsive...

At 12:46 PM -0800 3/15/06, robin dunn wrote:
so, maurice, there is hardware that would go where
those screws are whatever are?  close up in the
picture, it actually looks like three small, gold,
round heads.

Yeah, those three screws attach a curved piece of metal to the body, which a separate tailpiece mounts to. The vibrato arm attaches to that tailpiece, so moving the arm flexes that curved metal piece, giving you a slight surfy vibrato. I use heavy strings, so I didn't get enough effect out of it to keep it on--instead, it just went out of tune. (Hey, great! A go-out-of-tune lever! Just what I need!) I think that's why most people just use the wraparound bridge/tailpiece (and probably why Gibson used the wraparound bridge/tailpiece from the Jrs).

You can kind of see it in the photos of this auction:

Somewhere I might have photos of when I left it on, but it's not been on the guitar in quite a while, in part because of the tuning, and in part because it was just more comfortable to play without all that metal sticking up where my hand usually goes.

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