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(TV) Children

I've got a cool story for you Mugs. I am just going to cut and paste the note sent to a friend of mine:

Aric -
     I got a pretty cool anecdote for you. This week I got a call from my youngest daughter. She's 9 and an Alto player. Her name is Echo Iris.
     There was a talent show at her school and she had enlisted a friend who played the cello. They had decided to play, for some reason,  "Good King Wenceslas". The day of the show comes up. They're up on stage and the friend hasn't gotten it together. She's a bit nervous in front of everyone and can't get the notes down. Echo sees this and decides to change things. She says "Ode to Joy?" The friend, by this time, is undone and flustered. "No" she replies. 
     Echo says "Okay" Then precedes to play it by herself while her friend sat there. I asked her how her friend felt about it. She said "She was cool..."

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