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RE: (TV) Way off topic

Never made the move to the suburbs.  Grew up in a small town in East Texas
and from went to school in Manhattan.  Raising the kids in the apartment we
got in grad school.  Never lived in the 'burbs 46 years and counting.

Fortunately, I've been spared Disney on Ice, Radio Disney, Disney on Demand,
and Disney World (we took them to Machu Picchu instead)

I figured until they were old enough to learn about the Velvet Underground,
I could ground them in Eddie Cochran, Hank, Television et al.

First music of theirs I could actually listen to without killing something
was Avril Lavigne.

Scott, NYC

Today I continued down the uncool road from hip urban
dweller living in a downtown apartment to atypical
surburbanite with a van, bungalow and kids and
attended my first children's concert with my kids. 
Fred Penner was in town.

Anyone else have this experience?
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