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Re: (TV) Way off topic

On 3/26/06, Scott Simpson <ssimpson@nyc.rr.com> wrote:

> Fortunately, I've been spared Disney on Ice, Radio Disney, Disney on
> Demand,
> and Disney World (we took them to Machu Picchu instead)

I'd dodged Radio Disney until I started dated a woman whose child is school
age (my own oldest starts kindergarten in the fall).  I think it's
inevitable.  Really, really strange stuff to listen to (my girlfriend is
pretty much old-school punk-rock herself).

I figured until they were old enough to learn about the Velvet Underground,
> I could ground them in Eddie Cochran, Hank, Television et al.

Well, I used to sing and play "What Goes On" (Velvets, not Beatles) as a
lullabye.  It's perfect.  I later learned that I wasn't the first to think

First music of theirs I could actually listen to without killing something
> was Avril Lavigne.

Ah.  Courtesy of Radio Disney, I've just heard Avril for the first time
(knowingly).  Someone once described her song "Sk8er Boi" (forgive me if I'm
misspelling it incorrectly) to me but I never actually heard it until last
week.  My general reaction was, huh, that's essentially a rewrite of
"Tennessee Flattop Box" if not "Johnny B. Goode", and beyond that I got

Not headed to the suburbs any time soon.  Why?  And how do you end up there
without trying?

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