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Re: (TV) New Verlaine CDs competition!

I can't resist the beer discussion any longer!
  The best brew I've had in a dog's age was Maudite from the tap, at a bar called Tyler's in Durham NC (they have 20-30 microbrews on tap there at all times, it's heavenly).
  Maudite is a Belgian ale brewed in Canada, so slightly less expensive than the Euro import - tastes like the nectar of the gods.
  All this talk about one or two promo cds, making or breaking Tom V's bank account - well intentioned and socially responsible no doubt, but come on - whether these solo records catch on with a larger public or sink like stones, has little to do with circumstances under our control. Best thing to do, once these come out and however you get ahold of them, is = play loudly and often, and always be ready to answer the 'what's this you're listening to?'s
  And get people out to his shows!

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