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(TV) new dylan today

anyone else picked this up yet?  you will have some
choices on packaging.  there's the usual cd, then a
limited edition packaging with bonus dvd...which i
bought, then ran into best buy for cdrs and found they
have their own edition with a 100-page booklet (just
album covers, i think).  oh, and when i bought mine at
the local indie i received a cd of one of bob's radio
shows (the baseball one -- never understood baseball,
but noticed bob included the great track "the ball
game" by sister wynona carr; carr is wonderful).

have just started listening.  musically continues in
the vein of his last album -- deep in traditional
american forms.  his voice -- it almost hurts to
listen.  i'm amazed he got an album recorded, much
less the forever touring.  but he makes it work.  

anyway, would be interested in what others think of it
once there's been some time for listening.


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